barkMg – we live magnesium.

barkMg – The Bark Magnesium GmbH

Quality-leading supplier of complex magnesium die castings from Schörzingen near Schömberg, Germany

For three generations now, Bark Magnesium GmbH has focused exclusively on the production of magnesium die castings for a wide variety of applications. Our passion is magnesium die casting, and we are masters of the entire process chain: from material-specific design and casting to surface finishing, machining and assembly. Thanks to their experience and know-how, our employees know exactly what can be done with magnesium and what is important in the design and production of a component.


European Die Casting Competition 2022

The Verband deutscher Druckgiessereien e.V.(VDD) and the EUROGUSS trade show award in the category magnesium - 2nd...
Bark Magnesium Erzeugnisse Magnesiumgehaeuse Bark_LOW RES_037
Bark Magnesium Erzeugnisse Magnesiumgehaeuse Bark_LOW RES_052
Bark Magnesium Erzeugnisse Magnesiumgehaeuse Bark_LOW RES_014

Magnesium is sustainable.

So are we.

Lightweight construction with magnesium and resource efficiency are our top priorities. Our 100% recyclable products are sustainable per se. In addition, we are currently equipping the last free areas at our production site in Schörzingen with photovoltaics for more environmentally friendly and cost-effective electricity production.