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Machinery of barkMg

Machinery of barkMg

The machinery as well as our manufacturing processes are subject to continuous improvement. Adaptation to the latest technologies and processes is just as important as maintaining and improving a high-quality, efficient and economical production chain.


On fire for magnesium


  • 5 hot chamber die casting machines 200 – 315 to
  • 3 cold chamber die casting machines 500- 1600 to
  • 7 CNC machining centers
  • Deburring presses

Special processing machines
Abrasive belts
Vibratory finishing machine
Blasting machines
Washing machines
Tampon printing machine

Quality in detail: Magnesium

If you stop getting better, you have already stopped being good!

Quality assurance: more than just meeting ISO standards.

    Our QA department uses high-precision CNC measuring machines, spectral analysis, X-ray testing and differential pressure testing equipment. It goes without saying that our customers expect us to comply with all current quality standards, such as DIN ISO 9001, to which we are certified. Just as important as certification, however, is the heightened quality awareness of every employee. This is achieved through ongoing employee training, statistical process monitoring, the use of the Six Sigma methodology and a continuous improvement program true to our motto: Whoever stops getting better, has already stopped being good!

    Quality assurance

    • 3D-Messmaschine (CNC-gesteuert)
    • Spektralanalysegerät
    • Röntgenanalyseanlage
    • Differenzdruckprüfstationen
    • Lichtkammer
    • Endprüfplätze mit Lupen