barkMg – HighTech in action

Production of barkMg

Production of barkMg

barkMg has more than 60 years of experience in die casting of magnesium alloys at its site in Schörzingen. The specialization on the material magnesium, our motivated and experienced staff, most modern machines as well as our efficient suppliers are the basis of an outstanding quality level with high flexibility and short reaction times.

In order to remain at the forefront of magnesium technology in the future, barkMg is integrated in numerous research projects. In addition, there are development partnerships with well-known machine, tool and equipment manufacturers.


The heart of our company

We have been casting high-quality magnesium alloys since 1961 and to this day concentrate exclusively on this material. Our modern machinery with hot and cold chamber machines from 200 to 1600 tons clamping force allows us to use the most suitable type of machine for components between 10 g and 5000 g. The preferred alloys are the standard alloys Mg-AZ91 and the alloy Mg-AM60. As our company is a development partner of well-known machine manufacturers for magnesium die casting, innovations and optimizations on the machines are always introduced and tested in our company long before they are officially launched on the market.

Cold chamber machines such as
FRECH DAK 580 and 1600,
clamping force up to 1600 to

and hot chamber machines such as
FRECH DAM 200 and 315,
clamping force up to 315 to
enable a wide range of products.


From cast blank to magnesium component

Deburring: from cast blank to magnesium component – How do you turn a cast blank into a precision component?
Quite simply, by devoting the same passion and meticulousness to the deburring of the cast magnesium parts as to the material-specific design and the subsequent casting process. In the deburring process stage, too, we rely on the latest technologies, state-of-the-art machines and, last but not least, our dedicated employees, who always have the customer’s perfect end product in mind during cut deburring, vibratory grinding, blasting and inspection.

Section of our machinery:

  • Blasting machines
  • various deburring presses
  • vibratory grinding machine

600sqm CNC machining

CNC machining: from magnesium component to ready-to-install product. After deburring and often also after coating, the castings are placed in the hands of our experienced CNC professionals. On a good 600 square meters of floor space, there are exclusively CNC machining centers of the leading manufacturers. Equipped with premium tools, different types of machining such as milling, fine boring or thread cutting are carried out. The name barkMg also stands for precision, quality and cost awareness in machining. Decades of experience and long-term customer relationships speak for themselves.

Section of our machine park:

  • various CHIRON machining centers´
  • washing systems
  • special machines

Surface treatment.

Optimal protection and aesthetics.

Depending on the subsequent use, we offer our customers the finishing of their components in various processes, such as galvanic or chemical surface treatment, wet painting or powder coating. We provide these services in cooperation with qualified partners who, like us, meet the highest demands in terms of quality.

The printing of components using the “tampon print process” is also a standard procedure in our own company and is successfully used on several series parts.